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Stained Glass Sundial Appeal






















The room in the Old Parsonage which Fletcher Moss called his library had a stained glass sundial window designed by Fletcher Moss himself.  Although the window was removed sometime after 1904, there are photographs of the window in the books he wrote (pictured above).


Stained glass sundial windows, where you can look through the window from inside, and tell the time by the shadow cast by the gnomon on the outside, are very rare. There are about 40 in the whole of the UK and many no longer work because they have been moved. Few are as elaborate as the one that Fletcher Moss produced.


We intend to recreate this sundial window in the old library in the Parsonage and restore the whole window to Fletcher Moss’s design.


We have been working with John Carmichael, a dialist and designer of stained glass sundials, based in the USA, and three members of the British Sundial Society, to redesign the window. This expertise has been provided free of charge and the design, including the magnetic gnomon, is pictured below.  


















There is huge educational value in the window, as it teaches people about how a sundial works,  and how the adjustment for sun phase changes are made according to where in the world you are. It is also important to explain how sundials were used to tell the time. There were ‘mass dials’ on churches for ringing bells to being people to churches and most old house had one to adjust their clocks.


We would like to restore a rare item which would enhance the Old Parsonage, and be in keeping with preserving and restoring the building. It would also bring something that is unique and of huge educational value to Didsbury.


We need to raise £15,000 to complete this project and we are actively seeking donations as well as grants.

If you would like to contribute towards the cost of this amazing sundial then please click on the link

http://www.didsburyparsonagetrust.org.uk/how-you-can-help, then click on ‘Click Here to Donate Securely’


When it comes to filling in the ‘your message’ box please indicate that your donation is for the stained glass window appeal with any other message you wish to write.

Thank you!  


didsbury_gallery_2_des FM old library photo window close up sundial pic sun dial in situ 2

How the room will look with the new window