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Aims and Objectives


a)Objective -To maintain the Old Parsonage and preserve its heritage in line with its agreement

with the Council.  Aim – The Trustees to list out all the improvements made to the building since 2014, along with a list of future desired improvements.


b)Objective -To raise awareness of the history and heritage of the building.

Aim – The Trustees to provide a list of the current schools who visit the building.  Provide a list of other organisations that have been or may be interested in visiting the building, (work with the Friends of Fletcher Moss and Parsonage Gardens).  Make contact where appropriate with any such organisations for visits at appropriate times.


c)Objective - To provide opportunities for local artists to showcase their work.

Aim – Suggestion of broadening the scope of the term ‘artist’ beyond that of art and sculpture.

The building could be used for musical recitals, small plays, talks and poetry readings or book fairs.

The members ruled out the use of the building for rock concerts.


d)Objective -To encourage, promote and support local charities, 'friends' groups and  community groups.

Aim – It was felt that the Trust had already promoted the use of the building to such groups to

an acceptable level, considering that these groups were offered reduced rates for the hire of rooms and any additional increase would have a detrimental affect on the cash flow for the Trust.


e)Objective - To raise funds in order to support the other objectives.

Aim – The Members discussed the possibility of starting a fund raising monthly giving programme with

a regular bonus draw, promotion of leaving a gift in a will, and reviewing the merchandise we sell.


February 2019